Monday, January 20, 2003

Well this is the beginning of my blog. This Side of the Fence is all about my life. I'll eventually get to everything. It's funny isn't it, how my favorite books are by V.C. Andrews and Anne Rice, and then my life begins to become one of there books? Maybe even a mixture of it. When I was younger I wanted that more than anything. To meet someone(thing) like The Brat Prince, or to have an exciting life like one of the Landry's (<~~fav. VC series) and now that it's like that, I just want to go back to it. This should do for some interesting reading. Dad's out doing NA stuff (Narcotics Anon) and i can't help but wonder if that's always what he's doing when he leaves. If it wasn't for the drug testing every week (none today) we'd never really know. After the fight last night i just don't think the lives in this house have changed it all...need to go do laundry, i'll post more later...Nick (my brother) wants Donnie (my comp.)